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Rising R&B Star Sumeet
Posted by Nutan Patel on Jul 16, 2004 - 2:06:00 PM

R&B Singer/Songwriter Sumeet rises to the top with her smashing single, “Agony,” featuring Elephant Man, just released this week. Although currently in New York, this artist spent three years in Los Angeles building a fan base, without which she wouldn’t be where she is today.


            Venturing outside of her Canadian roots in small-town London, Ontario, Sumeet came to Los Angeles as an Indian woman ready to take on the music industry.  Even amidst racial and gender prejudices, this beauty’s talents could not be denied.  She is a rare artist in that she beautifully integrates various genres of music, including Indian, Reggae and Soul into one style of her own.


            Sumeet’s quest began in Southern California with Fort Knoxx Entertainment, where she was given the opportunity to work in the studio and learn from such rap artists as Kaviar and Overdose. She also gained insight through interaction with rappers Kokane and Mister Short Khop. Managed by Funk Villains, Sumeet went on to work with Bad-E Productions, Producer Gutter Boy and Platinum Engineer Dave Kelley. 


            Performance is just as vital as musical talents for a prospective singer. Artwallah, “an arts festival of the South Asian Diaspora,” is an annual three-day Hollywood event where Sumeet first made her mark as an established artist in 2001. She captivated the crowd with her voice, charisma and energetic personality, as she does today with every performance. Sumeet often attended Hollywood’s Chocolate Bar and The Room, occasionally taking hold of the microphone and winning the crowd over with amazing unexpected performances.  


            Delving a bit into the acting world, Sumeet further established her name in Los Angeles. She attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood and performed at the Pasadena Playhouse in the plays, “Laundry and Bourbon,” “The Trip Back Down” and “Twelfth Night”. Enjoying the lead role in the independent film, “A Deeper Mark,” directed by Jaya Jayaraja, Sumeet played a naïve girl mixed up in a twisted world of men, violence and emotion. The film was later showcased in the New York Film Festival. 


            After three years in Los Angeles, Sumeet made her way to New York for a healthy change. Shortly after her move, she stumbled upon the production/management team, Davae Williams, and quickly realized their musically congruous relationship. Together they have put together “Secret”, a track that screams witty, and “Rush”, a purely sensual R&B piece engineered by 2004 Grammy Award nominated Dave O’Donnell. 


Currently focusing on the completion of her first album, which is tentatively scheduled to be released at the end of the year, Sumeet asserts her belief in saving the music. “I’m trying to make a record of about twelve quality songs – not just a couple of singles and some album fillers. I want people to feel good about buying my CD.”  With her dancehall reggae single, “Agony," now available to purchase at, Sumeet gives the public a more than satisfying taste of the music yet to come.


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