PCH Accident Investigation on Hold as Evidence Examined
Posted by Joe Schnaidt on Dec 18, 2005 - 11:45:00 PM

MALIBU — The Federal Bureau of Investigation crime lab is examining the headlight and electrical system of a motorcycle involved in the Nov. 12 deaths of two Malibu residents, delaying the on-going investigation.


Residents Tyler Love and Keith Naylor, both 22, were on the motorcycle driven by Love on Pacific Coast Highway south of Sunset Boulevard when a Mercedes sedan, driven by 40-year-old Orange County resident Mark Paozella, made an illegal U-turn across a set of double yellow lines.


“Our [Scientific Investigation Division] lab didn’t have the necessary equipment to test the part,” said Los Angeles Police Department Detective Mike Dunn. “The FBI crime lab is investigating the part to determine if the light was on at the time of the accident.”


Det. Dunn said the city attorney wants to look carefully into two major factors to determine if Love “contributed” to the accident: (1) was Love speeding and (2) whether the headlight was switched on and properly functioning when the crash occurred.


This will cover all the bases to ensure the case isn’t rejected, and Det. Dunn said he anticipates the results showing the lights were on.


“If the lights were off and [Love] was speeding, the city attorney will reject the case,” said Det. Dunn. “But we’re just waiting for the test results, which could go either way. Once the answers to those two questions come in, we can submit them to the city attorney to find out how to proceed. We are at the mercy of the city attorney at this point.”


It is unclear how long it will take to get said results, so this investigation will just have to be put on hold, pending the conclusions of the crime lab examination.