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Wedding Coordinators Make "Big Day" Plans Special, Easy
Posted by Hoorig Santikian on Jun 25, 2006 - 1:37:00 PM

      It is every woman’s dream moment, the unforgettable steps she takes down the aisle on her wedding day.  But right before the bride’s entrance, last minute wedding preparations need to be made.  

            The Your Life’s Events wedding coordinator ushers photographers to their positions and makes sure bridesmaids and groomsmen are in position. One final glance around the reception site assures the coordinator that the table arrangements are complete and the caterers ready to welcome the new couple and their guests.

             The Your Life’s Events team makes these potentially chaotic preparations their responsibilities in each wedding they plan, said Rebecca Whyte, wedding planner and founder of the company.

            Coordinators and assistants, she added, organize events that both guests and their clients can enjoy. 

            Rebecca and her husband, Jeffrey Whyte started the party planning business in 2003 after recognizing their knack in organizing festivities. Their Las Vegas nuptials and later large family wedding in San Francisco gave the couple experience in planning ceremonies and receptions.

Like the name implies, the expertise the company offers extends beyond wedding planning. Your Life Events helps plan get-togethers to celebrate all special moments in life, from birthday bashes and bar mitzvahs to corporate parties and anniversary commemorations.

“We want to be there as their (the client’s) planner for life,” Whyte said.

            And planning for life includes planning to pay for life, a reality not lost on the Your Life’s Events team. Jeffrey, a financial planner, helps clients prepare economically for their futures.

            The various services the company offers make customers regulars and then close friends of the Whytes.

            “Our favorite thing about this business is getting to know a lot of people from all walks of life,” Rebecca said.

            Getting to know a couple well is the first step wedding coordinators at Your Life’s Events take when beginning to plan a wedding.         

            In an informal social setting at cafes or restaurants the Whytes meet couples for a preliminary consultation to get to know their personalities and interests.

            Making the wedding a special event that reflects the relationship of the bride and groom is important to Your Life’s Events coordinators.

“You don’t want it to be a show,” Rebecca said. “Its about people witnessing your union having fun and celebrating with you.”

            Giving a personal touch to the wedding, Rebecca adds, can lead to special reception activities.

            The wedding of a Jewish couple on a local beach, for example, took on an unexpected theme as guests held tightly to hookahs to prevent the wind from blowing away the Near Eastern smoking pipes. The slight glitch created a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, Rebecca said.

            The first decision a couple needs to make in planning their wedding, Rebecca added, is to decide on a date. With the date set the couple can pick a theme and a location, depending on the season, for the ceremony and the reception. 

            For the couple, the day is the beginning of a life together. For the wedding planner, the day is the rewarding opportunity to execute a milestone in two people lives.

            “Its just so good to see…people happy,” Rebecca said.