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Behind the Hollywood Stars
Posted by Adriana Ruiz on Aug 13, 2006 - 5:30:00 PM


From receptionist to star girl, this is the new title that Ana Martinez holds at the Chamber of Commerce in Hollywood.


Martinez started working for the Chamber when she graduated from Cal Poly Pomona in 1985; she was doing her internship at KNBC when she was a junior during the 1984 Summer Olympics.  After graduation, she applied at the Chamber of Commerce as a receptionist and six months later was offered the Public Relations position that she had held for more than 19 years.


Martinez is the Vice President of Media Relations for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, the organization that is behind the Walk of Fame—a tourist attraction dedicated to luminaries in various entertainment categories.


The first family member to graduate from college, she feels very proud of that, and has accomplished many things in her life. In her career, Martinez has celebrated more than 400 Walk of Fame ceremonies.


Her favorites luminaries are: Sophia Loren, Tom Hanks, and character stars, like Winnie the Pooh.


The most interesting part of her job is the ceremonies and to inform the recipients that they have been selected to receive a star.


“The best part of my job is the ceremonies,”  Martinez said. “I don’t want to do a job that I have to do the same thing everyday, that’s boring and my job is never boring, maybe that’s why I have been here for so long.”


When she is not working, Martinez likes to go antique shopping and go to places with her daughters. Her daughters love Hollywood and they love her job, she added with a smile on her face.


Even though the commute from Diamond Bar to Hollywood is hard, she loves what she does.


Despite not having time to take days off during the weekends, she enjoys spending time with her kids.


“I used to take cruises, those are fun,” Martinez said.


In addition, she also likes to collect Mexican antique silver; sets of jewelry are her favorites.