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Justice for Mickey Thompson
Posted by Liset Villalta on Jan 7, 2007 - 11:59:00 AM

Pasadena-The Salt Flats racing promoter Michael Goodwin, 61, will serve a life sentence in prison for the 1988 murders of Mickey and Trudy Thompson. Collene Campbell, former mayor of San Juan Capistrano and sister of the late Thompson, feels like justice has finally been served; she has pursued this case for 19 years. It had been closed, but reopened with her wide political connections.

Goodwin was arrested in 2001 and held without bail. Collene and Thompson’s son Danny Thompson were also present at the Pasadena Superior Courthouse. Thompson was a famed auto-racer, racing dragsters and funny cars.

The details of the murder are minimal. On March 16, 1988, two men were seen pedalling away from the Thompson's Bradbury home. Neighbors heard screams and one neighbor tried to shoot at the assailants, but was too late. The Thompson’s had been shot as they were walking to their cars to go to work. The only eyewitness was a 14 year old girl. Goodwin brought in a psycologist that told the jury that memories fade quickly, therefore a young girl's account could not be trusted. Shortly after the murder, Goodwin liquidated his assets and bought a yacht in which he sailed away to the Carribean with his wife at the time. Once he returned, he was arrested. There had been a previous business deal gone wrong between the two former partners. Goodwin was to pay Thompson almost $800,000.

Goodwin’s defense will have a motion for retrial in March.