Paris Hilton seeks a more "Simple Life"
Posted by Jasmine Ahdout on Jul 8, 2007 - 7:09:00 PM

BEVERLY HILLS: Hollywood princess Paris Hilton has once again inundated the news with her recent release from prison and her vow to change her life from this point on. 

Hilton is notorious for her excessive partying and relationships with other Hollywood hot shots.  But now, after being arrested and having served time behind bars, Paris intends to change her lifestyle for the better.  Hilton acknowledges that while partying has been fun, she is indeed now over it and seeks a less hectic life that is not as inundated with parties and paparazzi.

Paris' current home is considered to be located in a premiere location for the lifestyle that she used to lead, as it is surrounded by LA hot spots, including famous clubs and restaurants.  Paris says that she was always overwhelmed with invitations to various events in the city and was thus tempted to attend. 

In an attempt to escape her old lifestyle, Paris has chosen a home in leafy Beverly Hills that is a neighborhood familiar to many Hollywood celebrities, including Jack Nicholson and Christina Aguilera. 

Paris is currently on vacation in Hawaii.  Her father, Richard, is taking care of selling Paris' old home and also sourcing a new home in Beverly Hills.