Spirit and Creativity: Really?
Posted by Kelly Carroll on Jul 15, 2007 - 2:09:00 AM

We all have things we want to see happen in our lives.  And there are times when we experience things we wish we weren't going through.  A great principle to remember when we are in the middle of something we want to see change is this:  focus on what you want.  We are able to shift into more favorable circumstances by allowing them to happen.  What we put our attention on becomes activated.  Focus on health when you are feeling sick for example.  Easier said than done at times, and yet we all have experienced times when we believed we could see a change for the better and then we did.  Reality is changeable even though we don't always see how with our everyday thinking.
   Here are some thoughts about "reality".

   One person may think, "Oh, it's like this in this town…I've been here forever and that is just how they do it here".  That doesn't make it reality; it just makes it true for that person.  Someone else could walk in who doesn't know "how it is…" and have a whole different experience of that town.
   The same is true for any industry or experience.  That's just how it is only holds true for those who think so.  As a man thinks in his heart so is he.  It is only difficult for those who believe in that.  For the guy with the right attitude and focused on what he wants - somehow there becomes the one in a million success story.  It's not about that he beat the odds; it is about that he beat the limited thinking set in place by others!
   Is it true that what you see or are told by others is evidence?  Well, there are many people who have been faced by medical evidence, physical proof, of something they really didn't want and they became completely well.  Physical evidence is not the final say.  You have the ability to change your focus and beliefs and change your physical experience - many have proven this in the face of the harshest circumstances.
   Does your situation suck?  Really?  Change how hard you think it is to change it.  Change what you believe about "that's just how it goes". Choose to change what you put your attention on, and watch it change.  Know that you decide and choose what happens next with All of Yourself.  Make a choice to believe in the unseen and allow it to flow into what you see and experience.  Others have done it.  What is available to one is available to all.  Do it.  Prove reality to yourself.
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