Vi's Corner

Posted by Vi Logan on Jul 15, 2007 - 3:26:00 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Okay, so my tongue is sticking out!  I've been racing around and finally sat still for a minute, or should I say for a few seconds, so that my picture could be taken!
   I'm a bit of a tomboy named "Samantha" - or just call me "Sammie" for short.  I'm a bundle of energy - but after all,  I'm only a year old!  I'd love to have a yard to run and play in, or have someone that likes to take long walks.  I'm good with other dogs, cats and children.  Did I tell you that I'm a German Shepherd mix, spayed and housebroken?  And I hear people say that I'm a real beauty!  I'm just quoting what I hear!
   I was adopted by a family to be a playmate for the other dog in the family, but I guess I was a little too playful for the other dog and he would run away from me. Don't forget,  I'm only a year old and with a little training I'll  be the perfect dog.  I promise!  So please call to see me!

   There is a book by Chaz Chapman and Stacy Curtis titled "You Know Your Dog Owns You If...".  I found myself identifying with practically everything in it!   Here are a few quotes.   See how many apply to you!  "You've had her portrait painted", "Your Christmas cards are from you and your dog", "You feel guilty when you look at another dog", "You've spent more than an hour trying to decide which photo of your dog to use as your computor screensaver",  "He takes up more space on the bed than you do".
   If you would like to volunteer to take "Sammie" or any of our other dogs for a walk, or help with our wonderful cats, please call.

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