Sunset Diaries

Episode Seven: "Character Is Destiny"

By Michael Swartz on Jun 1, 2003 - 5:35:00 PM
SUNSET DIARIES: Catch up with the unlikely hero Joe Ralph in Canyon News' only fictional outlet.

  "Sunset Diaries" Episode 6: "A Gold Tooth and A Patch of Hair"

By Michael Swartz on Mar 1, 2003 - 4:31:00 PM

SUNSET DIARIES: We've got a long-awaited episode of Sunset Diaries this month.  Catch up with Joe's quest for redemption in Canyon News' only fictional outlet.

Episode 5: Bees

By Michael Swartz on Sep 1, 2002 - 4:27:00 PM
Sunset Diaries: "Episode 5: Bees" involves one buggy account in Joe's diary along with several email correspondences. And, Joe is resolved as ever to do what is just and good.

  Episode Three:Joe Ralph and The Burning Bush

By Michael Swatrz on Jul 1, 2002 - 12:23:00 PM
His life takes a downward turn when he decides to cross the congressman, “CP”. Add to that the threats he receives via email. It’s tough trying to do the right thing. Will Joe stay on the road he’s paved? Read what happens in this month’s installment of Sunset Diaries, “Joe Ralph and The Burning Bush”.

Episode Two: Meet Me At El Caribe

By Michael Swartz on Jun 1, 2002 - 12:13:00 PM
– Join Joe Ralph in Episode 2: Meet Me At El Caribe as the plot thickens along his “road to redemption”. He receives another ominous, anonymous email as well as gets further involved with the blackmailing congressman, Steve a.k.a. CP. And, just what does Scooter, his high school pal, want Joe to help him with? A lot is going on so keep up with it all in this month’s episode…

  Sunset Diaries:Episode One, So Far So Good

By Michael Swartz on May 1, 2002 - 12:03:00 PM
Canyon Gossip’s first fiction column starts up this month. Read about Joe Ralph and his “quest for redemption”…

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