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The 9-11 Terror Commission’s Missing Recommendation

By Joe Buff on Aug 27, 2004 - 8:41:00 PM
Rise up, “Little People!”  Rebel!  Revolt!  Think of a Congress and a Senate where there are no Republicans or Democrats.  They’re all Independents, and they’re all untouchable by lobbyists, special interest groups and big business because no one has an influence over their vote on any issue except their own constituency.

  CSI: What the 9-11 Terror Commission Should Have Told Us About Politics and Politicians

By Joe Buff on Aug 20, 2004 - 9:31:00 PM

Take heart “Little people,” and “Little groups.”  You do have a chance to make a difference in this world.  This “Little group” (of 10) 9-11 Commission members are changing the face of American politics, from the President and Congress down.   I just wish they had included the new pronunciation guide for our state: “Cal-eeeeee-forn-yah!” 

CSI: What the 9-11 Terror Commission Didn't Tell Us

By Joe Buff on Aug 13, 2004 - 7:51:00 PM


Are you blameless in the 9-11 disaster?  Were you--or are you-- too busy living the good life to even care?  The 9-11 Report is in, but there’s a serious underlying structural problem not mentioned because it’s beyond their scope.

  9-11 Terror Commission: The Report

By Joe Buff on Aug 6, 2004 - 7:53:00 PM


Unless you’ve been skiing in Siberia, where the snow is nice this time of year with a heat wave in the high 20s, or scuba diving in the Caribbean, where there are no newspapers, radios, or TVs down in the ocean depths, you know what “The Report” is.  How important is The Report? 

Just When The 9-11 Terror Commission Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse...

By Joe Buff on Jul 9, 2004 - 12:35:00 PM


 The 9-11 Terror Commission members thought the worst was over. In disbelief they had listened in disbelief to the FBI, CIA, NSA, and Attorney General Ashcroft.  What could possibly be worse than what they had already heard?  The answer was the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

  The 9-11 Terror Commission Love-Hate Dilemma

By Joe Buff on May 28, 2004 - 4:48:00 PM



Episode #3 in a Continuing Series.


     If any witness had the potential to evoke a love-hate relationship out of the 9-11 Terror Commission, it was Robert Mueller, who was sworn in as FBI Director a scant two weeks before the 9-11 disaster in 2001. 

CSI: The 9-11 Terror Commission Confronts The FBI

By Joe Buff on May 14, 2004 - 4:00:00 PM

Episode #2 in a Continuing Series:

A Total Loss of Confidence in the FBI.


     In one hour and 42 minutes, the illustrious reputation of the 93- year-old FBI crumbled faster than the concrete from the 9-11-2001 World Trade Center disintegration.

  CSI: The 9-11 Terror Commission Doctors in Search of the Fatal Potomac Fever

By Joe Buff on Apr 30, 2004 - 12:30:00 PM
Episode #1:  WARNING!   The Exam Requires a Special “Potomac Dictionary.” 

Undercover in Children's Movie Auditions

By Joe Buff on Apr 2, 2004 - 12:01:00 PM
     By the time I got involved, Janie, age 10, a golden-haired, blue-eyed pixie, had already been to a “cattle call” audition for twenty kids, where five were supposed to be selected for movie roles.

  The New Cat Burglars of Los Angeles

By Joe Buff on Mar 5, 2004 - 12:05:00 PM


     Felis domestica, if you recall your Latin.   You don’t?  How about a carnivore of the family Felidae: lions, tigers, leopards, and ordinary domestic cats.  There are many similarities between the big cats and the little cats, but all cats have one trait in common: “stealth.”  Big or small, cats are born with stealth.  They proudly wear the word like a badge of honor. 


By Joe Buff on Feb 4, 2004 - 9:36:00 AM

  Identity Theft and Charitable Giving Schemes

By Joe Buff on Dec 1, 2003 - 2:20:00 PM

CANYON CSI: Learn how to protect yourself from the fast-growing crime of identity theft and charity schemes.

Getting "There" to Prevent Car Thefts

By Joe Buff on Nov 1, 2003 - 3:18:00 PM
Mary is 36, married with two children, ages 8 and 10, who are sitting in the back seat of her 2002 Toyota Corolla as she searches for a parking spot in a busy mall parking lot. Josh was babbling about getting to soccer practice on time, fretting that the stop at the mall would make him late. His sister Gina, age 10, scolded Josh, showered him with elder wisdom, and told him she had to buy a CD to use for tonight's homework....

  CSI: DNA for Dummies

By Joe Buff on Oct 1, 2003 - 12:06:00 PM
CANYON CSI:DNA has been important in more than just the O.J. case.  Read some info. on it here.

You're on a Jury Voting on the Death Penalty

By Joe Buff on Sep 1, 2003 - 5:10:00 PM
CANYON CSI: Joe puts you in the jury box to vote on whether Vincent Sanchez, currently on trial for his life, deserves the death penalty.

  A Street to Remember

By Joe Buff on Aug 1, 2003 - 11:05:00 PM
CANYON CSI: If you drive on Balboa often, you had better read Joe's article and watch out for tickets!!!

Listen for the Scam Sounds

By Joe Buff on Aug 1, 2003 - 4:03:00 PM
CANYON CSI: Joe brings you three very real and very costly scams that have recently made their way through S. CA.

  Canyon CSI: Eyewitnesses to Death

By Joe Buff on Jul 1, 2003 - 11:58:00 PM
CANYON NEWS: Joe Buff starts his new Canyon CSI column with a real "bang"...literally.  Read here about a recent police shooting in L.A.

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