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My Cousin Cheats And Puts Me In The Middle
Nov 15, 2009 - 6:32:10 AM

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Dear Deanna!

The last time I had a relationship was almost two years ago.  I had a bad experience with a man that crushed my heart and I’ve had a hard time trusting again.  I look at every guy as if they’ll do the same thing.  I was lied to, cheated on, used and everything else in between.  I have myself together and I’m ready to get back into the dating scene but feel no man will want me.


Paulette                                   Winston Salem, N.C.


Dear Paulette:

Prepare yourself to be a wife looking for a husband instead of just another woman looking for a date.  Elevate your morals, your faith and your confidence by looking in the mirror and seeing a woman that’s special and deserves the best in life.  You need to be patient and pray for what you want.  You don’t have to settle for less and you can do bad by yourself.  It’s best to be alone and happy than involved and miserable.


Dear Deanna!

When is it time to talk to a teenager about sex?  I have a teen son and I want to talk with him about the birds and bees before he learns the wrong way from his friends and in the street.  I don’t know if I should try to tell him a story, show him pictures or what.  How can I do this without embarrassing him but make sure he gets the point?

Stephanie        Chicago, Ill.

Dear Stephanie:

If you have cable or a radio in your house, you son knows more than you think.  Don’t beat around the bush.  Verbally break it down and let him know the function of the genitalia, how it works and how to stay safe from diseases and unplanned pregnancy.  Teach him that true love waits until marriage to avoid fornication and if he has to go there, have plenty of condoms.  So what if he’s embarrassed.  It’s better to be embarrassed and educated than dumb with a bunch of babies or a sexually transmitted disease.


Dear Deanna!


I have a cousin that cheats on her husband but that’s her business.  However, she claims she’s out with me and our friends.  On one occasion, she had the nerve to tell me not to call her house.  The last lie was when she told her husband that I needed a jacket and she was bringing it to my house.  I live 60 miles away.  Now her husband acts funny towards me.


Anonymous                 Indianapolis, Ind.


Dear Anonymous:


Let your scandalous cousin know that you want no part of her infidelity.  Advise her that the next time she involves you that you’re going to call her husband and clear your name on the spot.  If that means she’ll be mad, then oh well. She’ll get over it.  Your main concern is eliminating your assumed involvement and name smearing.  Her husband will eventually get the picture and see that you’ve done nothing wrong.


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