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I Used Women And Now I Am Lonely
Nov 21, 2009 - 12:49:20 PM

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Dear Deanna!

I'm 18 years old and trying to decide whom to spend the rest of my life with.  I have one guy that gives me anything I want and respects me.  He's there when I need him but he cheats.  I have another guy that’s also the same but he threatens me by saying if I do a certain thing, he’ll slap or punch me.  I worry about cheating with one and being hit by the other.  How do I choose?


Lost                             Online Reader


Dear Lost:

Get rid of these immature boys and choose yourself.  A real man wouldn’t cheat or beat on you.  At your age, you haven’t had time to smell yourself much less think about whom to spend your lifetime with.  You deserve more than these drop shots are giving you.  Take advantage of your youth and work on your values, your education and career and a deserving man will cross your path in due time.


Dear Deanna!

I used to brag about being the world’s best lover.  I was a man that used women to make myself feel better.  I played mind games, lied and had three or four girlfriends at a time.  I now find myself saved and lonely because people that know me still judge me and women won’t give me a chance because of my past.  How do I change this?


Johnny W.                   Houston, Texas


Dear Johnny:

You’ve reaped what you sowed.  You had no business treating women like dirt.  Being saved doesn’t protect you from your nasty past life.  You’re still going to pay for your deeds and you can only move forward by being consistent.  You didn’t become a doggish lover overnight and your reputation won’t be fixed overnight.  Stay on the right path by living a God-filled life and your light will soon shine bright. 


Dear Deanna!

I’m in high school and losing my mind as I write this letter.  My sister lives at home and my mom makes me watch her kids all the time.  I can’t get my homework done, my grades are falling and I’m trying to get a scholarship so I can get out of this mess.  I want more for myself but I don’t know how to tell my mother because she doesn’t seem to care.

Dawn Fortson             Memphis, Tenn.


Dear Dawn:

Your sister is a victim of the generational welfare chain.  You’re heading in the right direction by wanting to make something of yourself and not rely on the system with a bunch of fatherless kids.  Voice your opinions to your mom as you strategically get her involved with your schoolwork.  Once she sees your grades and your aspirations for a successful future, she should change her ways and help you achieve.

Deanna M.


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