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Late People To Church Are Disrespectful
By Deanna M.
Dec 10, 2009 - 4:37:21 PM

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Dear Deanna!

I’m a 50-year-old divorcee that met a man last year who is 62 and widowed.  We’ve been going out every other weekend for a year but haven’t been intimate.  We hang out late and he’s never asked me to stay all night at his place.  He never calls me and the only time we talk is when I call him and he appears happy.  His birthday is in two weeks and I want to seduce him.  Should I do this and do you think he’s interested in me?

Lap Dance Toledo, Ohio

Dear Lap Dance:

Don’t play yourself.  After a year if you do all the calling and he still hasn’t made room for your toothbrush is a good sign he only likes you as a friend.  Don’t force yourself on him through seduction because it may turn ugly.  Obviously there’s some interest because he spends time with you.  Respect his space and decisions because for all you know, he may be impotent or still grieving for his late wife.  One day he may come around and see you in a different light, but don’t hold your breath.  And always, keep it moving. 

Dear Deanna!
I go to church on time every Sunday and it really burns me up when the ushers reserve seats or keep a bench empty for celebrities or business people.  They come to church late and walk on up to their reserved seat like they’re special.  I’m ready to explode.

Anastasia  Birmingham, Ala.

Dear Anastasia:

This special treatment is sinful because in the biblical sense there should be no separation between the rich and the poor.  If people come to church late they need to go ahead and pull up a seat in the back or the balcony.  Proverbs 22 Verse 2 says rich and poor have one thing in common, the Lord made them all.   With that said, even in the church everybody is equal and should be treated the same.

Dear Deanna!
I’m a 21-year-old student and I feel like everything in my life such as relationships, money and career is going wrong.  I should be excited about being in college but I'm not.  Seems like the moment I get something good it’s taken away.  What’s wrong with me?

Anonymous, Denver, Colo.
Dear Anonymous:

Other than needing a rubber room, you’re normal.  You’re straddling the fence getting ready for true adulthood and there are many decisions and choices hitting you in the face at once.  Nothing is working because your mind is all over the place.  Reset your goals and work on staying focused.  At age 21 your life is just starting and you haven’t seen anything yet.  Now is the time to get your self together.

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