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My Mother's Friend Is A User
By Deanna M.
Jan 10, 2010 - 6:18:47 AM

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Dear Deanna!
My mother is being taken advantage by her best friend.  My mother is retired has plenty of money saved up and she’s enjoying the finer things in life.  Her best friend is a moocher and makes my mom pay for everything.  My mother is lonely and doesn’t have any friends so she thinks nothing of it.  This woman is going through her money left and right and I know she’s going to look up and one day be broke.  How do I get through to her?

Concerned Daughter              Oklahoma City, Okla.

Dear Daughter:
Your mother is enjoying life and her friend.  Before you place judgment or get in the middle of things ask your mom if she’s preparing for a rainy day.  If she is, you can rest assured that she knows what she’s doing and is planning her finances wisely.  You’re on the outside looking in and have no idea of their friendship.  You can calm down and chill and let your mom and her girlfriend do their thing and feel secure knowing that if she needs you, she’ll let you know.

Dear Deanna!

I broke up with my boyfriend over something silly and now I regret my actions.  I thought he was cheating on me with my best friend but they were actually buying me a gift.  I said some horrible things to both of them and they’re not speaking to me.  I want to get back with him but I think he is looking at my friend because she seems more mature than me.  What should I do if they start dating?  I know it’s my fault but it’s going to tear me apart.


Made a Mistake                                 Atlanta, Ga.


Dear Mistake:

You obviously have trust issues if you can’t feel secure with your mate or your friends.  Your foolish tongue has caused you to lose your relationship and your friend.  The only thing you can do is apologize to both parties and ask your boyfriend for another chance.  If he says no and goes with your buddy, then you learned a valuable lesson and if they’ll do this in your face, you didn’t need them anyway.


Dear Deanna!
I allowed myself to get pregnant because my boyfriend convinced me that we would be together and we were going to get married.  Now I am almost ready to deliver the baby and he has changed his mind.  He moved out of my house and now he’s not working and living with his mother.  I am so upset and don’t know what to do.  How do I handle this situation?

Anika                                      Online Reader

Dear Anika:
You lost your sense when you decided to fall for the oldest trick in the book.  There is no way you should have become pregnant without a husband and a plan.  You’re getting ready to be stuck with a baby, a bill for 18 years and a stupid-looking dead beat dad.  You need to look at your resources, get your money and education together and grow up.  When the baby is born, have a DNA test, get your child support and be ready to raise your child and keep it moving.
Deanna M.

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