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Laurel Canyon Answers Sought
By Ralph E. Shaffer
Jul 9, 2006 - 1:09:00 PM

LAUREL CANYON— Some readers may recall that a couple of years ago I authored articles for Canyon News about the hermits of Laurel Canyon.  My volume on the first of the hermits, Frederick M. Shaw, is now with a publisher but I need to track down a few unfinished subjects, which is why I'm writing this.


Perhaps you can precisely locate the following points west of Laurel Canyon Boulevard: Wulff Peak, Mt. Washington, both of which were referred to on more than one occasion in the Los Angeles Times early in the 20th century but I've never been able to find them on early topographical maps, and of course, Wonderland Peak, whose name still survives but its precise location seems to be a mystery (the source I'm attaching says it was formerly Mt. Washington) and Lookout Mt. itself. I've tried to track them down from the elevations given in one article but, alas, another article from the same era gives different elevations. 

The Yoakum referred to, in one of these articles was the same F. E. Yoakum who Cecilia Rasmussen wrote about in her Los Angeles Times column a few weeks ago.  Although, she didn't mention his ownership of land in Laurel Canyon. Another Times article from 1913 refers to Wulff Peak as part of the E. L. Doheny estate.

Frederick M. Shaw originally owned much of this area as a result of his homestead patent in the early 1880s, only to die in 1914, an indigent living in a downtown rooming house.

If you can pinpoint by street, GPS coordinates, or in some other way any

or all of these places I will be deeply grateful. 


Ralph E. Shaffer

Professor Emeritus, History

Cal Poly Pomona

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