'A Dance With Dragons': The Next Bestseller
By Tommy Garrett
Aug 7, 2011 - 8:01:48 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—“A Dance with Dragons” is the fifth of seven planned novels in the epic fantasy series “A Song of Ice and Fire” by prolific and popular American author George R. R. Martin. I have been an avid reader of Martin’s for years. However, this is his best story yet. This is the only series of books currently being written that compares to the tales in “Harry Potter” and “Lord of the Rings.” Martin, in his own unique style, spreads a tale so wild and yet, deliciously enticing to everyone who picks up his books and devours them.

Although I felt slightly let down by the fourth book, this one picks up and really takes off, leaving me behind the catbird seat and making me dream epic and grand fantasies about the world author Martin envisions us to be in. The book is most beautifully written and transcends the ages of its readers. Though these tales are more adult-oriented, every bored teenager this summer should be given this book. The stories greet you with grand appeal, excitement and stories weaved perfectly from one chapter to the next.

The action-packed story is unrelenting and masterful in its exciting style of building up to a grand finale, then letting us down a while, only to build up again to a fever pitch. The only thing that may detract from the brilliant storytelling for some readers is that the book like its predecessors in the series tends to draw on lots of new characters, and this one is no exception. I’m a reader that values this style of writing. I did not see it as a bad thing, although I know most readers frown on this style of writing.

Perhaps the best thing about this book, is that you never feel bored; you can’t feel as if it’s not packed with potential leading from one turn of events to another. The reader also will never guess where Martin’s headed. I consider myself an expert on his stories, but there wasn’t any reveal in this book that I suspected, expected or could have predicted. That is a sure thing for a great fiction writer. He manages to stay not only a step ahead of me, but sometimes many steps.

Author George R. R. Martin left book number four with a lot of challenges that I was not certain he could overcome. However, "A Dance with Dragons” redeems this great literary giant in my eyes. His storytelling is always refreshing, and this book is like a summer rain shower without the damaging hail and lightning. You walk away feeling refreshed, cleansed and ready for tomorrow.

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