'Early Pleasures' Book Signing And Party
By Tommy Garrett
Apr 21, 2011 - 12:59:49 PM

PACIFIC PALISADES—Frederick Kohner’s great literary work is legendary. Decades ago, the prolific writer spun great tales and stories surrounding his beautiful daughter Kathy, who is a self-proclaimed beach lover, into the story of “Gidget.” Made famous later by Sally Field in the 1960s, the novels chronicled the life at the beach by a young girl who found love and happiness over surfing and falling in love with another surfer.

The need to be loved comes very early. “Early Pleasures” is a novelization of Frederick Kohner’s own escapades as a young man, who is driven by his lust and desires to have love, fearing no one will love him for who he is, instead taking it anyway he can. This is a remarkable read of the drive to be loved set in post-World War I Europe. “Early Pleasures” is a fine pick for literary fiction collections and will entice readers not to put it down until the end.

In the exciting novel, the four women he encounters are as different from one another as they could possibly be. One is his brother’s governess; another a young countess and the sister of a proto-Nazi; the third a domestic with an emotional disorder; and the fourth a White Russian. Through his relationships with these women, the protagonist experiences not only desire, but also the bitter-sweet tragedies of life and the humor inherent in life's ironies.

His daughter, Kathy Kohner Zuckerman, was the real-life model for Kohner’s
“Gidget,” a fictionalization of her adolescent yearnings for boys and surfing.
Posthumously published by Black Heron Press, “Early Pleasures” is Kohner’s
fictionalization of his own coming of age. Kohner’s beautiful daughter, the real-life Gidget, has written an afterword for the novel and will help celebrate the appearance of her dad’s wonderful new book. “It’s so exciting to have this work published, Tommy. Dad was a lover of the written word and I just cried when I read his manuscript, and we are very grateful to Black Heron Press for their dedication to telling his story,” said Kohner.


Kathy’s husband Marvin Zuckerman tells Canyon News, “The manuscript was written in the 1970s, and it was found among his papers after his death.
” Zuckerman is a literary agent, which came in handy. Frederick Kohner’s distinguished literary career came as a direct result of his family’s love of art and literature. In addition to the “Gidget” novels, he wrote 15 other books, plus two Broadway plays and many screenplays. One of his screenplays, “Mad About Music” starring Deanna Durbin in 1938, received an Academy Award® nomination for Best Screenplay.

Kohner will appear for a party and signing of her dad's book at Village Books, 1049 Swarthmore Ave. in Pacific Palisades on Friday, May 20, at 7:30 p.m.

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