"Know It or Not?" Volume I Is A Fascinating Book
By Tommy Garrett
Aug 16, 2009 - 1:37:53 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Wilson Casey is an author who is best known as the “Trivia Guy” around certain circles. I just read a copy of his “Know It or Not?” Volume I. Casey is the trivia world record holder according to Guinness. His weekly “Bible Trivia” runs in over 100 newspapers around the country. Casey is also in demand nationally as a speaker, entertainer and public performer with his live trivia gigs and talents. Being a lover of history, I found this book filled with some little known facts that make for engaging conversation.


Many people tout their ability to remember dates and places, but Mr. Casey’s knowledge goes from “Hannah Montana” to classic Hollywood and even pets. Church facts are packed into the book and it makes you want to pick up other historical references in order to learn more. This book even has a section that specializes in the young children category for anyone looking for trivia to keep their children satisfied and busy before going back to school in a couple weeks.

It’s a book that is a wonderful companion piece on an airplane or any other type of trip. For those who love to cram facts into their brain or have a group of friends over playing trivia, it’s a must-read.

This book has 800 questions and 40 categories which run the gamut. "Weird Stuff" and "Shakespeare" were my favorite sections. Though for movie buffs they have a lot of interesting questions and facts as well. Even International tidbits are included.

Wilson Casey lives up to the title “Trivia Guy.” This is a great book to have by the bedside, for learning and relaxing.  I was reading it while doing laundry and waiting for it to dry.


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