'Prints Of Classic Hollywood' For The Holidays
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Oct 23, 2011 - 9:10:53 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—When I began working on my sixth book, “The Prints of Classic Hollywood” it was something that was a labor of love. For over three decades I have been a collector of some of the most rare photographs in Hollywood films, TV and stage. I’ve also been lucky enough to know many of Hollywood’s classic stars of yesteryear and that includes some that are no longer with us. Unfortunately, most of the greats are no longer with us. Those who are, are often retired and living far from the city that made them stars, and trying to live peacefully and quietly in seclusion. Something they never imaged at the height of their stardom.


When it comes to the perfect book for the holidays, there are so many to mention. Next week I’ll discuss the best celebrity biography in the past decade “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye: The Barbara Payton Story,” by my dear friend John O’Dowd, whose book was published along with my “Prints” by Bear Manor Publishing.

When I wrote “The Prints of Classic Hollywood” a few years ago, I wanted to capture a segment of American movie and entertainment history for eternity. History is very fickle at times, but the only way to make it last and make it meaningful is to actually put your pen to paper so to speak and tell the stories for people who haven’t always been treated fairly by the press. For various reasons, those of us who inject ourselves into the public sphere are oftentimes attacked by jealous people, who cannot seem to create and build a public persona based on their own works, beliefs and talent. Barbara Stanwyck told me in the mid 1980s, “There are people who do nothing but tear others down. They can’t create, act, sing, dance or even be decent people in society. Their very mission in life is to belittle what you and I do. Don’t pay a lot of attention to them. But if you must, sue the bastards!”

Ms. Stanwyck was very good to me, and she introduced me to people that would later be featured in my book “The Prints of Classic Hollywood.” From Charlton Heston to Ricardo Montalban, these great actors are forever in our minds, our hearts and thanks to DVD, in our lives forever.

From Doris Day, to John Wayne and Paul Newman. All great stars, two of which (Day and Newman) I have had the honor of getting to know personally. The truth is, Hollywood is not totally cut-throat and backstabbing as its often portrayed in the movies and on Reality-TV. It is a small town, in a big city that people seem to support one another and try their best to help each other. In doing films, TV and public relations, journalism, Aussie radio, plus writing these books I have written. I’ve found the most welcoming and supportive group that I could ever imagine. It’s just an added bonus that many are very famous and celebrated the world over.

“The Prints of Classic Hollywood” is available from, Bear Manor Publishing and also by going to my official website at The site was built by mega-talented Rene Thurston, who has been an angel many time in this very dark world.

Next week, “Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.”

Book cover is courtesy: Bear Manor Publishing

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