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Operation: Cat Adoption
By Sheila Cornelius
Sep 1, 2003 - 7:23:00 PM

LOS ANGELES—Due to circumstances beyond her control, the heartbroken owner of these sweet 2-year-old kitties must find them a loving new home. Wudkah and Little are beautiful intelligent tigresses.

FEATURED CATS: Wudkah and Little

Due to circumstances beyond her control, the heartbroken owner of these sweet 2-year-old kitties must find them a loving new home.

Wudkah is a beautiful intelligent and proud tigress who will do backflips to catch her feather or mouse toys. She can jump as high as any fly or moth can fly. She will look at you with loving eyes and purr loudly before settling down to join you in bed. She isn't much of a talker, but when she does, it's always something important.

Little was named for her adorable baby voice. She is white with a fuzzy black tail and "hat". She will wrestle her sister down until Wudkah agrees to be washed by her. Little is always ready to kiss visitors on the nose. How more sociable and adorable can you get?

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CONCERNING CATS: The Great Declaw Debate

If you aren't already familiar with the controversy launched by the West Hollywood ban on declawing, this looks like it might become the biggest animal rights dispute since the throwing paint on fur coat days.

I won't dwell on the horrors of having a cat declawed. Most of them are too painful to write about. Among the many negatives are defenselessness should your indoor-only cat get out by accident, lack of balance and emotional distress (anybody who laughs at that has a lot to learn about cats before thinking about adopting one). However, the key word here is pain.

I know, I know. Your cat will never get outside your home. You just spent a fortune on new furniture. You've heard a scratching post won't necessarily solve the problem. So declawing is the answer. Right? Wrong. It's one answer of course but here's an even better one:

If it's a declawed cat you want, don't have it done! We'll find you one! You can contact me or any of the rescue groups on our website and we will find the declawed cats in your area. Tell us the gender, age, breed or any other specific qualifications you require and we will find the cat for you.

Previously declawed cats are in desperate need of safe homes like yours as they are less adoptable (and therefore more likely to be euthanized) than cats who can climb or scratch their way out of a dangerous situation. After all... once those little claws have been pulled out of their paws, crazy glue will not put the kitty together again.

Foster Alert!

Foster parents for cats on death row are urgently needed. If you can foster a cat or family for even a short time until the rescue groups can place them, these innocent kitties will survive! Time is running out for more cats than you can imagine so act quickly! Please remember Fostering is not the same as adopting and all vet and shelter bail-out fees will be taken care of.

To find animals in urgent need of a foster home check or any of our other rescue group links at in my Canyon Mews column. I assure you that you will not regret it.


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