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OPERATION: Cat Adoption
By Sheila Cornelius
Nov 1, 2003 - 5:28:00 PM

LOS ANGELES—Sheila Cornelius received a call two months ago about a homeless and very pregnant kitty, Gracie, desperately in need of a foster home.

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I received a call two months ago about a homeless and very pregnant kitty desperately in need of a foster home. I took Gracie in, and about ten days later, she gave birth to six very healthy kittens.

Before they had any right to do so the kittens opened their eyes, climbed out of the suitcase I had them in, climbed over the cardboard barricade I put up to keep them confined and took over my entire office. In no time at all they were drinking water, eating solid food and were potty trained. These were some precocious kittens!

As of now, four kittens have been spoken for and are ready to go out into the world. Gracie and her two little girls, one a tuxedo and the other white with black markings, still need homes. Mom and the kittens are extremely people friendly but I need to find permanent homes for them as soon as possible, as I become more attached every day. My own cats, all eight of them, are being very tolerant but the kittens want to leave my office and explore the house so it is time to find them homes of their own.

I would like to place both kittens together if possible. Mom could be in an only cat household or with other cats. She is very easy going and very, very pretty.

Please help me before I adopt again!!!

Photo by Brittany Crouse
Concerning Cats:

I bet you think finding homes for unwanted cats and kittens is the biggest problem facing shelters and rescue groups. So did I.

Wrong. The biggest problem is finding people willing to take in the cat or family of cats who would be adopted if somebody just gave them the chance to live that long.

In the last couple of years my husband and I have been the proud temporary parents of several nursing moms and their kittens plus a few older cats abandoned by their owners. All of these cats and kittens are now living in permanent loving homes and I cannot describe the wonderful feeling it gives us to know that we have saved yet another little, furry life.

The animal rescue groups I have worked with take responsibility "often out of their own pockets" for shelter bail-out fees, medical examinations and arrange for permanent adoption. All they ask you to provide is food, litter and, most importantly, love.

I was trying to find the right words to end this column. These are not mine but they say it best of all. From the song "Memory" (Cats)...


I must wait for the sunrise

I must think of a new life

And I mustn't give in

When the dawn comes

Tonight will be a memory too

And a new life will begin

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