Critic At Large... Ruta Lee
The Beauty of Clientele
By Ruta Lee
May 16, 2009 - 1:04:24 PM

LAUREL CANYON—I have always appreciated commercial companies, corps, businesses etc., which are generous and share their success with others, be it one-on-one or through charitable institutions.

Clientele is one of these outstanding companies. They produce beauty products which are exceptionally high in quality and in vitamin content. The company is based in Sunrise, Fla. and provides a full range of products to suit every skin type and color.

Heaven knows, in my many years in show business, I have tried many concoctions. Frankly, I always thought that beauty creams were malarkey. Now that I have come to an age, which also is an age of reason regarding moisturizers, I am finding a great deal of success with Clientele products.

My personal favorites are Time Therapy Moisturizer and Elastology Picture Perfect Compact Kit.

I am often asked what beauty products I personally use, so I gladly share that I have had good experience with the entire Clientele line. I use everything from eye creams to body moisturizers and vitamins supplements as well, and they are all darned good! These are not cheap. However, the products are moderately priced and so rich in content that a little goes a very long way. Treat your face well. After all, you only have one!

To top it all off, founder/CEO Pat Riley contributes products to many charitable organizations to help in whatever way she can. She is a true lady, beautiful inside and out, and she keeps her faithful clientele beautiful as well.

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