Dear Lily
Cheating By Mind
By Lily O'Hara
Sep 24, 2004 - 10:15:00 AM

Dear Lily:

I always thought of myself as an independent woman, whose career was my first and most urgent goal. I am twenty-five years old, have several degrees in Criminal justice, Law and Psychology and own my own business. Suddenly I find myself fighting all my accomplishments alone.

I wonder if I am probably lonely for someone to share my life and successes with, but most men are either interested in my money or my success and will not see the woman in me.
Have I ruined my chances at love and romance?

No one to share my life with

Dear Rhonda:

You are still young and have many years ahead of you, but you have bypassed many men who were left behind when you were progressing.
Don't worry about them, look ahead. You will find the right one, don't settle for less than perfection and true love.

Anyone can get married, but as you have noticed, very few stay in that happy state.

Start doing things that bring you in contact with men who appreciate a good woman.

Good Luck


Dear Lily:

I have done the unforgivable, I have thought of cheating on my husband. It all started when he took to staying at the office for long hours, and only excused his self by saying that his boss was overloading him. I thought he was lying and I started going out each evening after the children were in bed.

I have not being unfaithful to him, but I spent a lot of time flirting with the idea.

Yesterday for our anniversary, he had given me a new car. I found out he was working at a bookkeeping office to be able to afford to buy it.
What can I do now, I must tell him the truth, but it will destroy his trust in me and our marriage.

Too Little Too Late

Dear Cher:

Since you took in on yourself to judge your husband, and he was innocent, try keeping your guilt to yourself. You should not have gone out on him, but telling him how silly you were will not make him love you more.

Try making up your error, by keeping your actions to yourself.

I am so glad you didn't take your plans to fruition.

It's never too late to forgive yourself. You have a wonderful man, hold on to him.

Yours Truly,

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