Edge of the West
Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch, They Put "Spartacus" On
By Ron Scott Smith
Aug 21, 2005 - 7:20:00 PM

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WASHINGTON D.C.Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be soldiers. Not in the Bush wars.

Just to keep it real and Texan, a slight rewording of Waylon and Willie might get to the gist of what Cindy Sheehan has been saying down there at the end of the driveway in Crawford, as the prez kicks it in the midst of an all-time presidential record five-week vacation, catching up on his favorite flicks. Ms. Sheehan camps out in the sweltering prairie heat, vowing not to budge until Bush puts down the faux-margarita and breaks himself away from "Animal House" to talk to her about his war and her son. He died in it.

Meanwhile, no such five-week chill is afforded the men and women who wear the heavy uniforms and armor while patrolling the red-hot streets of a man-made hell, under his command.

"If he doesn't come out and talk to me in Crawford, I'll follow him to D.C.," Cindy Sheehan said. "I'll camp on his lawn in D.C. until he has the courtesy and the integrity and the compassion to talk to somebody whose life he has ruined." Well, what do you know? We've got a little old-school anti-war brewing up thanks to this grieving mother, who apparently has Bush and Rove frozen in their tracks, because you'd think this confident leader who does what he says he'll do with the mandate of the people on his left shoulder and the approval of God on his right would take 15 minutes and stroll down his driveway to give this fellow citizen a brief reassurance that her son, Casey, died for a noble cause. Maybe even throw in a little hug. Is that so tough? Well, yes it is when you consider that 40-plus servicemen have been killed in action while Bush cruises the shelves of the Crawford Blockbuster.


It seems as though Ms. Sheehan is having a real hard time right now seeing the nobility in any of it, and has said so. "I want to know what noble cause my son died for, and if the cause is so noble why don't his two daughters go and replace two soldiers who don't want to be there?" I don't care how hard you try to justify the whole Iraq nightmare, but that right there is a question that is begging to be asked, and is down on its hands and knees for an answer.

Bush could fall back into the easy chair in front of "The Ten Commandments", and get the growing media hordes out of Crawford in as much time as it would take to explain to her and the rest of us, again, why it is that he rushed Casey and America off to war by playing on our worst fears and filling our heads with lies and misinformation. He'd be right back to Charlton Heston in no time if he could just explain to her what he meant when he said on Aug. 3: "The families of the fallen can be assured that they died for a noble cause. We have to honor the sacrifices of the fallen by completing the mission."

Instead of having a friendly chat with her, how does the Bush camp deal? You got it, Swift Boat Revenge, or "Plaming," as some have come to refer to it. They're pulling out the heavy artillery to use against the mortal threat imposed by a brokenhearted Mom. This woman who suffered the deepest loss possible for any human being when her son fought to the death the fight Bush wanted, is now reduced to scum by the attack dogs Karl Rove unleashes every time the inner sanctum is threatened. You don't want to disturb this bunch when they're glued to "The Planet of the Apes." They come out swinging.

"Looney-tune, selfish, deluded" and "threat to national security" are just a few of the missiles they're firing at this woman all across America's airwaves now, but the sickest one is, "her actions will lead to the deaths of more soldiers." That one is just about enough to crash this computer, so I'm out.


By the way, they're going to have a lot more "looney-tune" targets because other military families from around the nation are reported to be descending upon the Bush ranch to join Cindy Sheehan in protest of the war that took their loved ones, too. They will carry this message to the vacationing president: "Honor our loved ones" service by bringing the troops home now and by taking care of them when they get here. Could that be enough to get a guy glued to "Ben-Hur" to hit the "pause" button in the middle of the chariot race?  

They've got a snowball's chance in Crawford.

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