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US Ponders All Bush All the Time
By Ron Scott Smith
Nov 6, 2005 - 7:41:00 PM

NEW YORKMs. Marie Runyon, 90, blind, was arrested in Times Square in October. She was forcibly carted off to jail along with 17 other "Grandmothers Against the War" who sat down in front of the recruiting station there, offering to enlist for the cause.

"I don't know what they were afraid of. Maybe they don't know how to deal with a bunch of grannies," said Joan Wile, 74, from the inside, frail hands barely able to grasp iron bars restraining her from further menacing a decent society.

Maybe they don't know how to deal with a bunch of things, Joan.


Remember that blood-curdling rebel yell from Howard Dean after he lost Iowa in the primaries last year? Yes, it was just last year, though it seems like forever ago. My how time crawls when you're not having fun. I think we all know now where that shriek came from. Dean was reacting to the spine-tingling prospect of four more years of abject  Bushamerican horror. Whoooaaaooogghuuughhhh. Howard Dean was put up to public ridicule for it, but many scream that scream now.


If you think you had a bad week, consider that of your president.

How about 27 more soldiers under his command killed this week, 2025 confirmed dead in a war that never had to happen?  How many more not on the official tally sheet, how many at home torn limb from limb, and how many innocent Iraqis dead? Does anybody know?

How about Hurricane Wilma howling through Florida where even under the watchful eye of little brother Jeb, she joins Katrina and Rita to complete the terrible trio of natural disasters empowered beyond their wildest gusts by botched management. Wasn't Jeb going to show those Louisiana ne'erdowells how to do this thing?

How about the right hand man falling on the sword for the left-handed shenanigans of his boss? Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff is busted and faces up to 30 years in jail for fronting the bogus rationale for unnecessary war that is now very close to being officially heralded as the most disastrous undertaking in the history of a once great nation. And now the news breaks that Saddam Hussein accepted a last minute offer to leave Iraq that would have spared his and our nations the hell and fury of the great needless war. Was his agreement to leave conveniently ignored by the merchants of war who wanted the conflict so badly they were willing to lie to the world on a large enough scale to get at least one of them arrested?

How about Harriet Miers, the Bush personal attorney, hand-picked by him for the Supreme Court, turning out to be so incompetent and underqualified for the job that even the lock-stepping right-wing wack-jobs, led by Rush Limbaugh and Bill Bennett, couldn't stand behind her?

How about Bennett, the solid conservative pillar of virtue, suggesting on his radio show that America's crime rate would plummet if all African-American fetuses were aborted?

How about Tom DeLay, the Bush front man in Congress- fingerprinted with mug shot in front of the whole world, formally booked on corruption charges?

How about Bush and DeLay's oil buddies, Exxon Mobil Corp. based in Irving, Texas-  reporting profits of $9.9 billion for the third quarter of the fiscal year- the most ever by any company anywhere for a quarter, while the price of gas at the pumps hovers around the three dollar mark because they cry production is down? Now nine-point-nine billion is a lot more than the loneliest number, one. "One U.S. soldier was killed today in a roadside bombing in Iraq," was the solitary reference to the war on the Tuesday night radio news. Do your dots connect that one soldier to the 9.9 billion dollars or is it just my dots?


After a week like that, you'd think enough might just about be enough, right? Wrong. How about All Bush All the Time?

In June, House Judiciary Chairman James Sensenbrenner Jr. (R-Wis.) sponsored legislation to amend the constitution by repealing the 22nd amendment that confines any president to two terms. And it's not dead yet. That's right, they want to clear the 22nd amendment out of the way of the brush-clearing president so he may rule in perpetuity. What was it again that Howard Dean was saying?Whoooaaaooogghuuughhh. Are you feeling him yet?

Illustration by Jessica huff

True, Bush for Life strikes dread into the hearts of many, but hold on a minute. By repealing that part of the constitution, this unwitting bunch would clear the way for their very own worst nightmare to creep back into their restful sleep- one William Jefferson Clinton. If Bush is your Malevolent Midnight Cowboy, friends, Clinton is their Freddy Kreuger, knives-for-fingers fully sharpened.

So let's have at it. The Bush-Clinton super bowl everybody's been longing for. The elder Bush was no match for the randy young Clinton back in 1992, and hell hath no fury like a son avenging a father's humiliation. Let's find out what we're all about.

The shriek you'd hear coming from red America if Freddy were to stalk back into town and put one of those horrific hands on an inauguration bible would make the Dean shriek sound like a lullaby that would put even a 90-year old blind lady to sleep.   

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