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They Pull Out The "C" Word, Not The One You Think
By Ron Scott Smith
Jan 1, 2006 - 7:40:00 PM

They pull out the "C" word, not the one you think        12-15-5


WASHINGTON D.C.Imagine no religion. John Lennon said words to that effect a long time ago. Or imagine much religion. So much so that it be the driving force behind worldwide terror and mayhem.


While much of the world recently observed the death day of John Lennon, the Bush administration began coming forth in waves with talk of that old-time religion. Way old-time- as in seventh century old-time.

Cheney: "They talk about wanting to re-establish what you could refer to as the seventh-century caliphate."

Rumsfeld: "Iraq would serve as the base of a new Islamic caliphate to extend throughout the Middle East."

General John P. Albizaid, top American commander in the Middle East: "They will try to re-establish a caliphate throughout the entire Muslim world."

Eric S. Edelman, under secretary of defense: "Iraq's future will either embolden terrorists and expand their reach and ability to re-establish a caliphate, or it will deal them a crippling blow."

They're pulling out the "C" word to scare the living bejesus out of us. No, not "communism"- been there, loathed that. Not "crusade" either. Get ready friends, you're about to enter the all-"caliphate"-all-the-time zone.


Perhaps he can't pronounce it, or thinks it's a verb ("caliphate, caliphate, dance to the music" type thing), because the president has yet to let the term fly, instead dispatching his underlings (if you can call Cheney his underling) to alert and alarm the American public of the impending doom. Though he won't go near the word, he describes what is happening in the Middle East in no uncertain caliphatic detail. "Terrorists want to establish a totalitarian Islamic empire that reaches from Indonesia to Spain", has become a staple in the string of campaign-style speeches he's been delivering around the nation in an attempt to rally lost support. Why the evil totalitarian Islamic empire would stop at Spain is anybody's guess, but at least that would leave us out of it wouldn't it? Whew. They count on the strategy of reaching all the way back to the seventh century to ignite a modern-day fear in the citizenry that might some day reach the dizzying heights that communism took it to.

Ex CIA analyst, Kenneth M. Pollack says it is cunning strategy. "They recognize that there's a lot of resonance when they use the term, 'caliphate'."

Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's national security advisor, says, "The word has an almost instinctive fearful impact."

If you think the Reaganites had fun with the communism fear to galvanize their power during the Cold War, wait until you see this current bunch with their new toy. If there's one thing they know how to do well, it's play on people's fears. They wrote the manual.


But is this what the wily Bin Laden has had up his megalomaniacal sleeve? Is it believable that he and his small bands of terrorists have designs on conquering the world or are they just reacting to what they perceive as gross infringements upon their people and territory? In his own words, words that are oddly kept from the American people, "Our acts are reaction to your own acts which are represented by the destruction and killing of our kinfolk in Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine." Can someone explain to me why the words of our identified arch-enemy are censored from our ears? Are we that fragile? Bin Laden also said, "What happened on 11 September and 11 March (Madrid) is your commodity that was returned to you." Does this sound like a grand Hitleresque design for global conquest?

If the American citizenry is sucker enough to fall for this "caliphate" fear package being drummed up, and in doing so gives even more deadly authority to the misguided neo-con leadership, then perhaps they'd be interested in a real nice piece of oceanfront property just outside Falluja. 


What's troubling about this, beyond the blatant manipulative aspect, is that George W. Bush may well imagine and yearn for a full-out, intercivilizational Christian-Muslim war to settle once and for all just who rules the damn planet. Crusade v. Caliphate, God tosses the coin to see who kills last.

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