Edge of the West
World Peace Can Wait, There's Pigs To Be Ate
By Ron Scott Smith
Aug 6, 2006 - 6:41:00 PM

KONGINGINAK, ALASKADesperate for a better life, a decent wage for a decent day's labor, for a decent country governed by men unsullied by greed and corruption, he packs his bag with the bare necessities, goes to the corner cantina for one last belt of tequila and a couple gallons of drinking water. It will grow heavier by the hour, but without it he couldn't survive the long lonely trek that lies ahead. He's ready. Ready to leave behind all he knows to risk wicked border vigilantes, foreign jail, endless walking through all manner of deadly terrain in scorching weather. He is so very ready.


But I don't know where to go.


Oh my brothers to the south, ye know not what ye do. Stay home. This thing up here may not be all it's cracked up to be.

But an illegal alien, a working class hero, is something to be so I've been thinking Baghdad for a new start. It has to be fairly easy to get a job and move about there undocumented. Not as an American soldier though. Those unloved, unwanted, unpassported illegals- the U.S. armed forces- get paid barely a living wage while their independently contracted cohorts from Halliburton, Brown, Root, Kellogg, et al, are making a major killing, pun intended. Truck drivers are reportedly bringing down hundreds of thou- what is it- per month? And if they get spooked on a run they just ditch the American taxpayer funded truck and get the honor-bound and underpaid GI's to taxi them back to the safety of the Green Zone fortress. No doubt the mercenaries slide the soldiers a generous tip as they disembark, and it all sounds so alluring and profitable- what dreams are made of. Nine billion unaccounted-for dollars has got to be going into somebody�s pockets, why not mine I'm dreaming.

But then, Baghdad temperatures have been hovering around the 120's all summer long and if you think that poor guy on the jackhammer over there in Canoga Park has been sweating, imagine 130,000 American soldiers- armed, armored, booted, helmeted, bulletproof-vested- going out on undefined missions to find improvised explosive devices before the IED's find them, in the middle of sweltering neighborhoods full of natives who mostly- let's be honest about this- who mostly hate their living guts. Just as you would hate the living guts of foreign soldiers patrolling Wilshire Boulevard after bombing you and your country into a living 120 degree hell.


It's the war stupid. Can you hear me now?

How can even one blinded Bush enabler have so much as a hint of support left for their Great Needless War? If they must continue to blow hard about supporting the troops (who they are always quick to point out- "volunteered") then they'd best do anything they can to help get those young Volunteers-for-America out of that man-made deathtrap soon. How soon? How about yesterday? Either that or get their own flag-waving, Bush-enabling backsides over there to replace them, one at a time. Talk the support talk, walk the support walk.


The Eskimos are walking the walk. Six of them have been called up from their local National Guard unit in Konginginak, Alaska to go save the day in Baghdad. Talk about a body-jolting temperature change? Harold Azean, one of the super six, said, "You never really think of the Eskimoes being at war with anybody." Welcome to Bushamerica, Mr. Azean. Come on down.


They say who you associate yourself with defines who you are. Watch out, Bush enablers, you're associating with a deteriorating condition. Something appears to be going terribly wrong with the president. Is he under the influence again?

What kind of influence was he under when he closed his nukes for fruits deal that allows India to develop atomic bombs at their leisure in return for Americans getting a jacked up Jamba Juice? Somehow, he said this to sum up that deal: "The United States is looking forward to eating Indian mangos."  I know I am.

He violated German chancellor Angela Merkel by grabbing her shoulders from behind at the G-8 Summit, then brushed off grave questions from reporters about Israel�s invasion of Lebenon by alluding to the pig he would be eating for dinner. When the Prime Minister of England walked up to him, the president greeted him like a frat brother, "Blair, what are you doing? You leaving?" before revealing how bored he was and how he wanted them to move the damn thing along at a quicker pace. It's only world peace and stability at stake. Move it along. Got pig to eat.

Was Zawahiri, Bin Laden�s main lieutenant, right when he sent the message out to the insurgents who continue to roam freely through the Bush-enabled full-out Mad Max anarchistic Mesopotamian Thunderdrome? "To my brothers in Iraq: stay firm, your enemy is now dizzy." Dizzy.


Evil is not as evil as it is stupid. Stupidity is at the heart of evil. Jews hate Muslims hate Christians hate Hindus hate Muslims hate Jews. Get the picture? Stupid. And stupider yet, it's all in the name of god, who right about now may be wondering what he was thinking when he put humans in charge of earth.

Would there be any need at all for his beautiful blue planet if there were not an innate need for truth, propriety, peace, and compassion built into it? There would be no need for it at all. 

Be careful what you wish for, Bush enablers, you just might get it.

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