Blood And Sand
By Robert Meyers
Dec 18, 2012 - 3:52:45 PM

Gladiators at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center Photo by Robert L. Meyers, Canyon News

LOS ANGELES—On Saturday, December 15 the Los Angeles Equestrian Center hosted a historically accurate recreation of Ancient Rome’s famed gladiatorial games.  During the event, attendees were treated to a spectacle not often seen outside of Ancient Roman Society, with “Spartacus and the Roman Legion,” put on by the French volunteer historical society, “Histor’Event.”  

The Focus of Histor’Event is bringing the Ancient Greek and Roman worlds into the modern age with detailed reenactments of one of Ancient Rome’s most famous entertainment benchmarks: the gladiatorial circus.

The organization is so committed to performing events and shows to a certain accuracy that none of the gladiator bouts have a predetermined outcome.  Histor’Event is real gladiators sparring with each other.

Histor’Event puts on shows in France, Europe and the United States, but their main goal is to research and scientifically test gladiatorial combat as hands on historians, while working closely with schools and educational programs.   

Each gladiator trains in weapons techniques on a daily basis.  The gladiators use unsharpened Gladius' (swords), Tridents, and shields while wearing historically accurate attire and defensive gear, with well-crafted reproductions of military equipment from the Roman Legionaries, as well as the different types of gladiators. 

Much like in popular Mixed Martial Arts leagues, a gladiator fight by Histor’Event only ends when a combatant is knocked unconscious, too exhausted to continue the fight, or placed into submission by the other fighter.   

To maintain authenticity as in antiquity, the fate of a vanquished gladiator is decided by the spectators of the games, with the final decision being made by an “Emperor.”

Histor’Event works alongside Professor Eric Teyssier of the University of Nimes in South East France, one of the world’s leading historians of gladiatorial contests.  Two of his students Mickael Durand and Aurélien Nougé --are the main founders and head gladiators of the Histor’Event organization. 

Durand and Nougé train all the new gladiators with the goal of making their events and shows as historically accurate as possible while further researching and bringing back to life the training lifestyles of one of the ancient world’s most iconic professions.

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