San Diego Hosts 2007 Comic-Con
By Daniel Kuo
Aug 5, 2007 - 7:47:00 PM

            Don’t be fooled by the name.  Comic-Con International (or just Comic-Con for short) may have originally began as just a gathering for comic books, but the annual show has since expanded into one of the biggest entertainment events of the year.  Held in San Diego from July 26-29, the 2007 Comic-Con was no exception, drawing a crowd of over 125,000 and featuring industry highlights from movies, television, and of course, comics.
Photo by www.comic-con.org

             The four-day expo was stacked with events and featured a variety of celebrity cameos, from well-known Hollywood stars such as Jessica Alba to more obscure geek idols such as Masi Oka (the Emmy-nominated "Heroes" actor) and J.J. Abrams (the creator of "Alias" and co-creator of Lost).  Some of the highlights included promos for the action movies Iron Man and Shoot ”˜Em Up and the nerd-celebrating comedy Superbad.  Attendees also were treated to an assortment of interactive panels and conferences with cast members and producers from shows such as "Heroes"; "Lost" and 24.

 But quantity doesn’t always equal quality, and even though almost nothing was revealed about the project itself, the most highly-anticipated presentation revolved around the fourth Indiana Jones movie.  During a live video feed from the movie set, director Steven Spielberg refused to disclose the title or even his current location, but he did address the Comic-Con audience directly, stating “this picture, I made for you guys and girls.”  Harrison Ford, still dressed in his Indiana Jones attire, also appeared in the feed, saying “It's great to be back with Steven.  And this sweaty get-up.”  Finally, long-time fans of the adventurous archeologist got at least one bit of juicy news: Karen Allen, who starred as Marion Ravenwood in 1981’s "Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark," will also reprise her role in the long-awaited fourth film.
Photo by www.comic-con.org

 Of course, the convention would never forget its roots, and comic books still played a prominent role in the show.  Comic-Con is home to the annual Eisner Awards, which are presented for creative achievement in comic books.  The biggest winners included the DC Comics series "Fables," and Ed Brubaker, who received the coveted “Best Writer” award.

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