Bridge To Nowhere Bungee Jump
By Ryan Beard
Jul 10, 2012 - 3:48:12 PM

ANGELES NATIONAL FOREST—“Five, four, three, two, one, BUNGEE!”  I jumped before I could comprehend what I was doing. Freefalling towards the stream in the canyon below, caught by the bungee cord, and then slung back up towards the underside of the Bridge to Nowhere. A moment of weightlessness before falling again and rebounding a few more times until I hung in the middle of the quiet canyon and peacefully observed as the stream trickled under my dangling feet. As adrenaline pumped through my veins, my hands shook, and yet I felt calming sense of relief as I realized I had just cheated death.
Photo courtesy of the intrepid Ryan Beard.

Bungee America is a bungee jumping company based in Los Angeles. Founded in 1989, it is the oldest bungee jumping company in the United States. In addition, it is the only licensed bungee jumping company in California. Most importantly, Bungee America has a perfect safety record: so while jumping with Bungee America, rest assured, as chances are, you will be safe. 

Bungee America's staff provides a professional and fun approach to bungee jumping. And while there is no cure for the butterflies you’ll have while looking over the edge of the bridge towards the bottom of the canyon, know that with Bungee America, you’ll always successfully cheat death.  Its system of safety measures (along with double and triple checking) prevent accidents from occurring.

The bungee jump from the Bridge to Nowhere starts with a five-mile hike to the bridge.  The bridge itself is a sight to see and worth the hike itself. The bridge was built in 1936; however, no road was ever built to it, hence its ominous name. It spans over a wide canyon where the east fork of the San Gabriel River flows in the Angeles National Forest. It is a beautiful bridge, providing viewers a unique perspective on it while hanging in the middle of the Canyon. The entire day of hiking and jumping will leave bungee-jumpers feeling fulfilled, alive, and courageous.

Take a dare, cheat death, and go bungee jumping, and go with Bungee America!

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