Buda Law Group: Immigration Specialists
By Susie Kopecky
Aug 19, 2012 - 9:25:28 AM

SANTA MONICAA passion for what is right, a depth of knowledge of how to accomplish that, and a desire to help others: these are just a few key characteristics that make the Buda Law Group such an appealing organization to consider when broaching the topic of immigration law. 

Attorney John Buda first became interested immigration law while in school. "While a law school student, I worked on my wife's immigraton case, then her parents' [case]," he explains. And his story, like the story of so many other Americans, also starts with a near relative who immigrated in recent generations: his father is also an immigrant. While in his last year of law school, Attorney Buda realized it was his calling to start an immigration-only law practice, to help others who were also closely touched by immigration and the need for competent legal representation. Today, Mr. Buda deals with employment visas, investment visas, family immigration cases, asylum cases, and immigration court cases.

Potential Buda Law Group clients should expect the professional service.  Mr. Buda aims to "add a personal touch," in such ways as returning phone calls calls and emails within 24 hours. "Whether things are going well or not so well, I always keep my clients informed" he notes. It is this deep committment to personalizing the process and keeping an open channel of communication that sets the Buda Group apart. Clients can also expect professionalism and years of experience when working with Mr. Buda.  He points out that clients are "never" upset with results," perhaps because he works so hard to make sure clients are "getting what they need, in terms of a permanent residency application (AKA the Green Card), another visa of some type, looking to bring family members to the U.S.," etc.

Buda Law Group specializes in working with clients applying for employment visas, specifically those which "target people of extraordinary abilities".   He has been successful in securing employment visas for "people who have a track record of success in their home countries." The Permanent Residency applications (Green Cards) for these applicants are known under the category name EB1 and EB2/NIW.  The non-immigrant visas in this category are known as the O Visa.  Entertainment industry professional qualify for these visas, and Mr. Buda has a high success rate in winning these cases.  Individuals can apply without company sponsorship for the EB1 and EB2/NIW.  Agents of talented applicants qualify to sponsor their clients for O Visas.  

The Buda Law Group will also work on deferred action for students affected directly by the DREAM ACT. (Interestingly, while the age limit for the DREAM Act is currently listed at 30, there is flexibility and the Buda Law Group may be able to work with affected parties for work relief.) Another area the Buda Law Group specializes in is investor visas and EB5.

This law group also offers a free 30-minute legal consultation in-person or over the phone.  Buda Law Group is located in Santa Monica, CA. 

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