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By Ivetta Babadjanian
Oct 17, 2013 - 8:45:38 AM

WOODLAND HILLS—As the largest chain of musical instrument retailers in the world with 250 locations all over the country, the Guitar Center is affiliated with many historical musicians.

At the Guitar Center, customers have a wide range of products to enrich the sound of their music such as guitars, bass guitar, drum sets, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations and microphones.

The Woodland Hills Guitar Center Studios is the flagship lesson and rehearsal facility filled with musicians and music-enthusiasts. Beginner-to-advanced instruction is available for guitar lessons, bass lessons, keyboard lessons, drum lessons and singing lessons. The private lessons are available for 30-minute and 60-minute sessions with qualified instructors who can assure each individual is able to improve their skills.

Group instruction is also provided under the Rock Show program which places you in a band with musicians that have the same level of expertise. Customers even have the option of taking recording lessons that cover Pro Tools, Logic and GarageBand.

"We have incredible instructors who are well-rounded as both people and musicians," said General Manager Jeremy Boilek. "Each instructor has an educational background with music and real-life experience."
Guitar Center Studios.

Boilek began working as a Sales Associate at the Guitar Center 10 years ago at the chain's Central Chicago location. Since then, he has been a Department Manager, Assistant Manager and Sales and Training Manager. Boilek has a passion for music and strives to have every customer enjoy their experience.

In addition, the facility offers a full-service guitar repair and recently opened their equipment PA system. Guitar Center Studios has eight different air-conditioned and acoustically treated rooms as a rehearsal space with a professional backline. Musicians can even leave a digital recording of their station and automatically put it up on the Internet by using their free Wi-Fi.

No matter your level of skill in music, there are sources at Guitar Center Studios that can prove beneficial to your art. For more information, visit http://stores.guitarcenter.com/woodland-hills-studio or call
(818) 883-4427.

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