Luxury Photo Booths For Any Event
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Aug 15, 2012 - 7:17:00 PM

LOS ANGELES—Erin Michele Doran, owner of The Platinum Photo Booth, lives and breathes weddings. It's a part of her work, it's a part of her life and it's something she'll never grow tired of.

The Platinum Photo Booth began in 2008 when Erin wanted a photo booth for her own wedding but she couldn't find anything that matched her taste or the style she was going for. She wanted a more feminine and romantic photo booth to match the ambiance of her special day. Thus, came the great idea of allowing people to customize photo booths in order to match the
décor of their event.
Chris Doran and Erin Doran

The company launched in Modesto, California with only one booth at their disposal along with the disapproval of many. "When we launched the photo booth, people thought we were crazy but we didn’t listen to anyone," said Erin. The company began to grow as her husband, George, owns a wedding D.J. company. They joined forces by marketing her company to his clients, many of which were intrigued by the new take on photo booths.

The company continued to flourish as more booths were made to satisfy the needs of the growing clientele. The Platinum Photo Booth now has three divisions, the first being in Modesto, one in Hawaii as of 2010, and one in Los Angeles as of 2011. Their location in San Diego will remain impending until 2013 and another division will be opened by the end of this year. The new location has remained undisclosed and will be announced with a press release in order to start booking clients.

The Platinum Photo Booth isn't merely a unique business in the wedding industry. It is a company that adheres to the concept of communicating with the clients, something many businesses lack due to the impersonal environment created by technology. Erin works 15 to 16 hours a day and six days a week in order to get to know each client and to ensure their complete and utter satisfaction with the finished product. “I was a wedding coordinator for ten years and I know how to follow up on the needs of clients. This is my whole life. I live and breathe photo booth and the wedding industry so I know what to expect," said Erin.

Erin's made sure that her photo booths are made to appease the client who have complete control over the design. Clients can choose from 60 different color options, can bring their own color splashes, customize the bottom of the photo strips and incorporate different textures and finishes. The photo booths are large in size which allows more guests to join the fun at the same time.

Clients who are hands on are welcomed with open arms. They are free to bring in all the ideas they want to be incorporated in their personalized booth to the companies' design studio. For those who don't have a flexible schedule, a request can be sent through the internet by submitting a detailed, five-page questionnaire which covers every aspect of the photo booth.

Erin is revamping one of her favorite photo booth designs for a wedding that will be taking place on Saturday, August 18 and will be aired on WE's "My Fair Wedding with David Tutera." The bride was aiming for a more romantic theme, therefore, colors such as blush, pink, white and champagne were most suitable for her needs. The photo booth was given an almost vintage look with added designs such as rhinestones, a shag carpet on the inside, a custom bench and a scrapbook illuminated with romantic lights and candles. The client will have an added bonus of music playing inside the booth to really get the romantic ambiance going.

Most of the events that The Platinum Photo Booth provide their services to are weddings, however, they do other events such as
bar and bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s and quinceañeras. The company also provides their services as sponsors to help various organizations raise funds, such as the American Cancer Society. Many people are willing to pay $5 in order to help a cause, allowing the company to raise $500 at one of the fundraisers they participated in.

"Each wedding is unique and leaves an impression on me," said Erin. "I show up to a number of the weddings and go up to hug the clients and introduce myself if I haven't done so already. They get so surprised that I end up being treated like a queen."

"Nowadays, clients don't expect owners to do the physical labor and I don't believe in that. I believe the owner should be with staff members and be with the clients. That's the only way to learn more about your business."

To learn more about what The Platinum Photo Booth has to offer, go to http://www.theplatinumphotobooth.com/.

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