Quality Style At Lea Journo Salon
By Ivetta Babadjanian
Dec 13, 2012 - 11:15:42 PM

BEVERLY HILLS—It's always difficult to find someone you can trust to style your hair when your current salon just isn't cutting it. At the Lea Journo Salon, a customer is given the opportunity to have themselves pampered by a group of the very best in the business.
The Lea Journo Salon in Beverly Hills.

The Lea Journo Salon opened at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on June 2003 and has since built a name for itself that attracts high end clients from around the world. The salon is named after owner and French hairstylist, Lea Journo, who began her career in France.
It was due to Journo's impeccable talents that the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, the very same hotel where "Pretty Woman" was shot, offered her the chance to have her own salon in their hotel.

The salon has hair specialists from around the world who share a passion for style and grooming. Hairstylist Xavier Coll has had a vast career himself and is passionate about his line of work. Originally from Barcelona, Spain, Coll began his path in hairstyling when his sister, who was also a hairdresser, urged him to try out his talents in the field. Thus, Coll began to work at a hair salon while he finished his education.

Hairstylist Xavier Coll.

His career in the United States began in New York where he worked at the Elizabeth Arden Salon for 15 years. He eventually opened his own salon,
2, which he had for four years. He has resided in California for over three years and has noticed a key difference in women's hairstyles in New York as compared to here in California.

"Many women in New York have long hair but it's more about short and trendier cuts since it's the fashion capital of the U.S. While in California women have a tendency of keeping their hair longer and coloring is always a must," said Coll. Although he loves to cut hair, he finds that coloring is one of his favorite parts of hairstyling.

He has also noticed that the current style is heading towards layering once again but in a different way than it has before. "Layers used to be more about blending but now the look is disconnected with a bit of a messy and undone look," he said.

Upon first working at the Lea Journo Salon, Coll thought it would be difficult to form a steady clientele since many clients are guests from the hotel and merely visiting the area. However, Coll found himself seeing the same clients coming back from all over the world due to the salon's quality of work. Even the salon's celebrity clients are recurring such as Britney Spears, Kate Bosworth, Brad Pitt and Orlando Bloom.

The atmosphere of the salon is another key reason why clients come back as Coll describes the location as simply amazing. Additionally, the interior design is of fine taste with its high-class stature. "We have worked hard to style the salon because it's not just about business," said Coll. He believes it's important for a salon to present itself in a way that the client would enjoy being a part of.

With its talented staff, the salon services include hair styling, make-up, bridal services and nail care for both men and women. To make an appointment call (310) 385-7007.

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