"21 & Over," Highly Underrated
By Lilian Langston
Mar 6, 2013 - 5:38:04 PM


HOLLYWOOD—Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, writers of "The Hangover" bring a movie that was close to the same, but in a collegiate form. The story involves every girl’s favorite heartthrob from “Pitch Perfect,” Skylar Astin who plays Casey, and his friend Miller, played by Miles Teller, that take their best friend Jeff Chang (Justin Chon), out for his 21st birthday. The shots in the film were from the University of Washington campus, but played off as a made up college called Northern Pacific University.


The basic message the movie passes along is sticking it to the man, or bouncer for that matter. The picture highlights the freedom of being at a legal age to drink and participate in a night full of over the top embarrassing situations and excessive behavior. Over all, it’s a funny movie. The continual “Let’s get drunk” theme that "The Hangover" brought onto the screen in 2009 stuck, and the following instances and themes were recognized once again in "21 and Over."


1) A celebration: You all know it, the celebration that calls for the over indulgence of drinking and horseplay. However, instead of a bachelor party, it is a 21st birthday. The overall attempt of relating to college instead of life as a grown up was achieved.


2) Importance’s scheduled for the next day: Likewise to the first similarity, the next day included something of urgency and significance. For Jeff Chang, an interview for medical school. For Doug Billings, his wedding.


3) Nudity: Need I say more?


4) Unbelievable things happen: To every person in the group. Things unimaginable, insane, and a bit over the top. I won’t get too specific though, wouldn’t want to spoil it.


5) Character realization: What appeared as somewhat distant friends at the beginning of the film seems to mesh into best friends by the end. Additionally, someone gets told off. Likewise as Stu did to his rude girlfriend in “The Hangover” Jeff Chang tells off his father. Juicy stuff.


General review is a 7 out of 10. Originality gets a good two-point knock because, well, we have seen it before. Unnecessary nudity and foul language get another full point. There is a time for it, and then there is not. This movie just crossed the line on that one. But if you’re interested in a movie that will make you laugh and a soundtrack that will make you want to party, don’t waste anymore time. Get to Fandango and catch the matinee.

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