Affleck As Batman, Why The Fuss?
By LaDale Anderson
Aug 28, 2013 - 2:55:29 PM

HOLLYWOOD—When news was announced last week that Oscar-winner Ben Affleck was chosen to portray the caped crusader in the “Man of Steel” sequel shockwaves rippled across America.  Even I had to gasp for a few moments after the news exploded all over the Internet. Of all the actors vying for the role, this is the guy Warner Bros. selected? 


In previous weeks, names like Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling and Joe Manganiello had been mentioned as possible candidates after Christian Bale announced that he was done playing the caped crusader. It’s important to note, this installment is not solely a Bruce Wayne/Batman saga, it also involves Clark Kent/Superman, so it’s a balance of two integral characters. 


Both superheroes will duke it out, in what is sure to be an epic battle to end all battles.  Recent buzz have indicated that this new Batman is expected to be a bit older, grittier, I will admit Bale did a fantastic job at capturing all those qualities so whether or not Affleck is able to step outside of the shadows of Bale will be a challenge.  Audiences are fully aware of the actor’s capabilities, take a look at his work in “Argo,” beyond exceptional to say the least. Some will argue that Affleck already stepped into the shoes of a superhero with “Daredevil” and that was an epic fail.  I wouldn’t say that picture was an epic fail, it just didn’t have a great story.  The caliber of an actor cannot save a picture that has a horrid story, no matter the elite status they hold.

Ben Affleck (left) and Christian Bale as Batman (right).


The American public should take a step back and wait to see how things pan out.  Rewind back a few years when news surfaced that Heath Ledger would portray The Joker in “The Dark Knight.”  There was massive uproar about that casting, and Ledger excelled to heights that no casting director, writer, studio or audience member could expect. His performance was so captivating his presence alone outshined the title character portrayed by Batman. 


If Affleck steps into the role with a clear mind, and no intention of attempting to mimic previous actors who stepped into the caped crusader’s shoes, he’ll do terrific.  The goal is to envision what has been written on paper and to bring that character to life. While when you think of Ben Affleck, no one thinks superhero, its been proven time and time again that an exceptional actor is able to portray any character given to them, its all about going where one never expected. 


With a young Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman, Affleck’s older, wiser Bruce Wayne/Batman will be an exceptional counterpart. I will admit seeing Ryan Gosling in the role would have been two pretty faced actors going at it, which I do not believe audiences would have been sold on. News surfaced this week that “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is rumored to take over as Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor; in my opinion that is fantastic casting.  Cranston is a revelation as Walter White, so just imagine him as tycoon Lex Luthor using his money and power against Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. 


While the sequel is generating quite a bit of buzz in the media, we’ll have to wait till July 17, 2015 to see how the project turns out.  Until then all the naysayers should just sit back and relax, we may be surprised in more ways than we could imagine. 

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