"Amour" Resonates Love And Tragedy
By Carmen Herrera
Mar 13, 2013 - 7:37:16 PM

HOLLYWOODThe struggles of a elderly, but devoted couple facing an unfortunate tragedy is somberly showcased in the French-drama, “Amour.”

Winner of the Best Foreign Language Film at this year’s Academy Awards and nominated as the Best Picture of the Year, “Amour” may have a simplistic premise, but it perhaps has the deepest feel that hits the core than any other film this year.

The story revolves around an elderly couple-Anne and Georges (played by Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louis Trintignant), living in a lowly apartment complex in Paris whose lives take a turn for the worse early in the story. Following a butchered surgery, Anne is left paralyzed from her right side and left confided to a wheelchair.

With a series of mishaps, Anne’s condition worsens as Georges begins to slowly fill the effects that these conditions are having on both their lives physically, mentally and emotionaly. Viewers are taken into the minds and hearts of these characters and immediately feel an emotional attachment that brings sorrow to the viewer.

This French-language film may not have too many personalities or locations that transition throughout the film in sequences, as the theme is not supposed to be an exciting or thrilling moviegoing experience. Rather, it is meant to show the reality of these side effects and aflict the viewer of the misery displayed. The film is not meant to warm your heart or make you feel entertained for the most part, but it gives a look at a couple’s adjustment to new, and downgrading lifestyle.

“Amour,” which translates to “love,” is not your ordinary love story about couples who face troubles, but miraculously overcome everything and get to live in a happily-ever-after type of world. The film realistically shows the medical treatments and effects one has to live with following deterring health.

The overall love theme deals more about devotion to a long-life love despite the difficult and turbulent things needed to do in order to get by each day. Anne and Georges are not overly expressive or affectionate like the typical romantic films usually display; their looks, actions speak loud to the audience and you feel their lingering chemistry from beginning to end.

Though the film has a gloomy and dark mood, it is an excellent film for the purpose of keeping one wired throughout the whole film. From start to end, one sees the trials both Anne and Georges face, and one will want to wait until the end to see their long journey end. This key element is enough to want to stay and take on the excruciating calamity being displayed.

Director Michael Haneke brilliantly displays the tragic twists and turns Anne and Georges encounter as a couple who only have each other and threatens their livelihood. Actress Emmanuelle Riva gives an astounding performance and dazzlingly displays Anne’s transformation so precise that you’re left in complete awe.

The film is a long, and difficult look about the tragedies life often brings and has characters that one can feel a connection to despite it being fiction.

Powerful, moving, and heartbreaking, this film truly has all the emotional aspects on key in order to bring a connection with the characters to its audiences and gives inspiration that true “Amour” could somehow prevail.

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