Catch A Glimpse of “Hitchcock” This Weekend
By LaDale Anderson
Nov 23, 2012 - 7:17:15 AM

HOLLYWOOD—Before you start reading what you think may be a film review for the picture “Hitchcock” let me stop you there; this is not a REVIEW.  It’s my expressing knowledge to the reader about a must-see movie on my list that should also be on their list as well.  It’s the drama “Hitchcock” starring Oscar-winners Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. 


Hopkins portrays the title role of the famed director Alfred Hitchcock.  He is absolutely stunning from the images and previews that I have seen depicted on the small screen as the iconic director.  Whether Hopkins comes across as a stunning resemblance of the director or an original piece of art is still up for debate.

Scarlett Johansson and Anthony Hopkins in "Hitchcock."

A lot of buzz is surrounding Helen Mirren for her work in the movie as Hitchcock’s wife, Alma Reville.  I personally had never heard anything about his wife before this movie was acknowledged to the spectator, but it sure looks like she played an active role in being her husband’s muse.  I have an inkling that an Oscar nomination could be coming for Mirren in the near future. 


The fascinating aspect of this movie is that it delivers to the audience and inside look at one of Hitchcock’s most defining pieces of art, “Psycho.” It was the movie that completely molded the horror genre and is idolized by the genre in so many ways in the present era.  We get to see a point-by-point frame of that infamous shower scene involving Janet Leigh who portrayed Marion Crane in the 1960 thriller.  Taking the role of the damsel in distress this time around is Scarlett Johannson.  Whether Scarlett lives up to the extent of Hollywood icon Leigh, will be deciphered for years to come.

What I think fascinates me the most to see this movie is the inner workings that will be exploited of the movie arena back in that time period.  It’s nothing like what it is today and to see that unfolding on the big screen is exciting.  Moreover there was so much debate about how “Psycho” almost killed Hitchcock’s career.  The audience will now get the opportunity to see why. “Hitchcock” arrived in theaters on Friday, so check it out, you might get spooked.

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