DiCaprio Interested In "Rasputin" Biopic
By Luis Cuevas
Jun 10, 2013 - 9:53:16 PM

HOLLYWOOD—Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is considered a candidate for the role of the infamous Russian mystic Rasputin. A confidante of the Romanov family will head the Warner Bros. biopic.

Leonardo DiCaprio & Rasputin


Warner Bros. has picked up the rights to Jason Hall’s screenplay with Dicaprio in mind for the main character.  He last portrayed villain Calvin Candie in “Django Unchained” and Jay Gatsby in the “Great Gatsby.”


Grigori Rasputin is a figure prominent in history. Seen as a womanizer and a reason to the downfall of the final Russian Tsar Nicholas II. He’s known for his brutal death in which he was shot multiple times, poisoned with cyanide, beaten and thrown in to a river. His autopsy revealed he died of drowning.


Hall’s writing credits include the upcoming Bradley Cooper film “American Sniper,” about a US navy seal named Chris Kyle who effectively killed over 160 people in the line of duty.

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