Looper Is A Must See
By Ryan J. Beard
Oct 4, 2012 - 8:50:41 PM

HOLLYWOOD—"Looper" isn’t your average action sci-fi thriller.  While it holds all of the elements that make for a great blockbuster, "Looper" is rooted in a captivating script with a poignant message.  Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt star in this Rian Johnson film that deals with time travel and organized crime in the future.  Raw action scenes reminiscent of "Pulp Fiction" will keep you on the edge of your seat as conflicting moral dilemmas will pull your emotions in opposite directions all within the midst of a mind twisting and genius plot.



The protagonist role switches between Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character (Joe from the current) and his future self (Bruce Willis) who has traveled back in time to 2044 from thirty years in the future.  As the film progresses you will be left unsure whom to root for.

Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are phenomenal in this epic movie. Bruce Willis mirror his younger, reckless, drug addicted self with nothing to lose, as a mature and grown man with something to fight for. 

The writing and acting is as good as it gets; no cheesy James Cameron punch lines here.  Similar to Christopher Nolan’s "Inception," and like many good scripts the movie will leave you with question without being a cliffhanger.

With so many twists and turns, unbelievable action and action along with a moving ending message, you really must see this see "Looper" for yourself.  

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