"World Of Warcraft" Flimming Next Year
By Shine Huang
Jun 6, 2013 - 2:04:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—About eight years ago, rumors begin about a movie for the videogame "World of Warcraft," but there were no further news. For years, possible directors for the picture have changed several times. 

Word of Warcraft

On June 3, Blizzard Entertainment announced that Duncan Jones will direct the movie. Jones directed the sci-fi dramas “Moon” and “Source Code."

The background story of the game is tremendous and has many characters. Each main character can be made into a movie. It makes fans very curious as to what plotline will be shown in the movie.

Blizzard Entertainment is keeping details n the project secret, but they revealed, the main plot will be around the Rise of the Lich King. According to the backstory of the game, it seems like the movie will show Arthas, King of Lordaeron, where a horned hero falls down to the darkness and turns to the Lich King.

The company has also noted, fans will see the legend epic weapon ”“ Frostmourne in the movie.           

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