New Trailer For “The Conjuring” Is Frightening
By LaDale Anderson
Mar 1, 2013 - 7:12:23 PM

HOLLYWOOD—It’s difficult to scare audiences nowadays because we’re well aware of all the tricks and rules to making a great scary movie or are we? Warner Bros has unleashed its new trailer for the haunted house picture “The Conjuring” and it looks absolutely terrifying. 

The tale follows a couple Ron Livingston and Lili Taylor who are experiencing some freaky paranormal events inside their home. To their aid are paranormal investigators portrayed by Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson.  Farmiga and Wilson don’t appear in the trailer, but actress Taylor gets quite a few scares that will unnerve audiences while watching. 

Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga in "The Conjuring." Photo courtesy of Michael Tackett/Warner Bros.

One clip involves a game of hide and seek combined with marco polo that will absolutely send chills down the spine. The other scare involves strange noises in the middle of the night. Any guesses as to what happens next?  Let’s just say a pair of clapping hands is at the forefront of the chaos.

“The Conjuring” is directed by James Wan, the guy behind “Saw” and 2011’s spook-fest “Insidious.” “Insidious” was indeed a frightening flick to say the least and it was rated PG-13, take that R-rated horror movies.  The picture is set in the 70s, but is expected to hit theaters this summer on July 19.  Its about time horror is released in the summer, we rarely see that anymore. Check out the trailer below. Are you scared?


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