The Ultimate Stunt Film
By Cassie Day
Aug 8, 2012 - 3:24:39 PM

HOLLYWOOD—"Nitro Circus" is a must-see in 3D! Released August 8, the action comedy races off the screen and straight towards the audience. Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Crew travel all over in search of the ultimate stunt where they can perform legally. The stunt performers described the purpose of Nitro Circus being, “about trying to find where it’s impossible to go and then going there.”


The crew has their silly stunts of pulling a jelly donut tube off a ramp and seeing how many friends they can knock down, being pulled off a glorified water slide at 75 mph only to land a belly flop, and seeing how many times they can roll a car after jumping a ramp. Then there are the more advanced, or less mature, stunts of base jumping off a 63 story high building from a blob. This had to be done in Panama as it wasn’t allowed in the United States.

Johnny Knoxville was interviewed in the movie and described Nitro Circus as, “Jackass with motors.” The movie leads up to a smashing show in MGM Grand Las Vegas in front of thousands of people performing stunts on dirt bikes, tricycles, and “Wheelz” in his wheelchair. It’s a great summer film of high packed energy with amazing dirt bike tricks, jumping tricycles off of rooftops, and the adrenaline rush to last a lifetime!

Seeing the movie in 3D gives the viewer a more intensified look at the semis making jumps and being completely obliterated at impact, and  having to close their eyes as the roost kicks up at them!

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