Union Square's Sister Rehab
By Cassie Day
Jul 18, 2012 - 10:57:48 AM

BEVERLY HILLS—Last Friday, "Union Square" hit the independent film theaters receiving approval and first-rate reviews. Nancy Savoca’s film takes place in Union Square, New York when Lucy comes to see her lover and is brutally denied his attention. She runs to the one person she knows living in the city, which happens to be her sister Jenny she hasn’t seen in three years. Jenny, played by Tammy Blanchard, is a reserved, successful business owner compared to her sister Lucy, Mira Sorvino, that smokes, drinks, curses in every statement she makes, and is inconsiderate of others.



This drama does a superb job of showing how sisters, completely different in every way, can still love each other and find a need to have one another in their lives. Lucy needed someone to make her realize there was a reason to live beyond consuming organic vodka and random lovers. Jenny needed someone to remind her to be true to herself and of family’s importance no matter how estranged, how crazy, how helpless they are.


Throughout the movie Lucy is watching her favorite show that depicts her own relationship with her sister Jenny; the film ends with the actress on the sitcom saying, “I was just trying to defend my family, my sister.” The movie leaves viewers assured that the sisters relationship will only improve from now.

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