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The Verdict Review
By Margaret Blanc
Dec 1, 2002 - 3:00:00 AM

HOLLYWOOD—In the 1982 drama "The Verdict,"
Paul Newman plays alcoholic attorney, Frank Galvin, whose drinking and destructive lifestyle have cost him dearly. Without any clientele, he is relegated to visiting funeral homes to drum up business.

With the help of his old friend Mickey, played by Jack Warden, he lands a client involving a malpractice case that he appears to be unable to win. Up against a top defense lawyer played by James Mason, and a judge who has it out for him, Frank struggles to pull himself and his case together.

You will find yourself pulling for him despite his flaws. You can almost feel his nervousness the night before the trial is set to begin, after he loses his star witness. This is a good Saturday night movie. Make sure to get the snacks out before the trial begins, so you won't miss the verdict.

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