Flashback Films
Woman Of The Year
By Margaret Blanc
Apr 1, 2003 - 7:30:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—"Woman of the Year," released in 1943, marks the debut of famed acting team Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Tess Harding (Hepburn), an outspoken feminist, and political writer for the "New York Chronicle" has called for the abolishment of baseball during the war. Sam Craig (Tracy), a sports writer for the same paper, takes exception to her idea and sparks fly, until the two meet and fall in love.

Several dates later, they decide to get married. Marriage proves to be a test for the two, as we see that behind the scenes, this "woman of the year" is not so outstanding.

I was initially disappointed while watching this movie, because it is listed as a comedy, and I struggled to find humor in the way Tess takes her husband for granted. The story exposes the reality of getting wrapped up in oneself and placing value in things that give cold comfort. It may be too late for Tess, but this is a good wake up call for all of us. 



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