Flashback Films
Love Or Honor In "Intermezzo"
By Margaret Blanc
Jun 1, 2003 - 4:56:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—"Intermezzo," a 1939 film starring Leslie Howard and Ingrid Bergman explores the inherent pain that is caused when two people commit to a love affair.

Howard plays Holger Brandt, a world famous violinist, who is returning home to his wife and children after yet another concert tour. He is soon mesmerized by his young daughter's new piano teacher, Anita Hoffman (Bergman). An affair begins, full of self-indulgence and frolicking in romantic locals. But, unlike many romance stories, this one brings with it believability that our pair is remorseful. Ultimately it comes down to a question of love or honor.

This David O. Selznick production marks the Hollywood debut of Ingrid Bergman. With a running time of only 70 minutes, you'll be able to squeeze in a comedy afterwards for lighter fare and make it a double feature.



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