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Say Hello To Goodbye Mr. Chips
By Margaret Blanc
Aug 1, 2003 - 3:11:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—The 1939 classic "Goodbye Mr. Chips" stars Robert Donat as the endearing Mr. Chipping, a Latin master at Brookfield school in England. The story traces the 60 some years "Mr. Chips" teaches at Brookfield.

I have to admit I wasn't that impressed with his rather boring, quiet demeanor when the story begins. This same impression rather parallels the enthusiasm of the students he is teaching. It isn't until a chance encounter with Katherine Bridges (Greer Garson) while hiking in the Alps that Mr. Chipping becomes a changed man. With Kathy's influence and love, he develops into the beloved Mr. Chips of Brookfield school.

This touching story serves as a timetable through world history, as we see the young men of Brookfield deal with world events of the time. I highly recommend "Goodby Mr. Chips." Robert Donat won the Academy Award for best actor over Clark Gable for his performance, and the movie also received nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director.


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