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A Night At The Opera
By Margaret Blanc
Sep 1, 2003 - 10:16:00 AM

HOLLYWOOD—This 1935 Marx Brothers comedy caught my eye immediately as I was searching the shelves of movies at my local library.  My first Marx Brothers experience was great; I rarely laugh out loud at movies, but sure enough, Groucho and the boys accomplished that.  It was with great anticipation that I began watching "A Night at the Opera."

Sadly, I was a bit disappointed.  The brothers find themselves in the middle of trouble as they accompany a wanna-be tenor to New York City.  The story line is quite predictable, and the quips don't seem quite as fresh and new as my first Marx Brothers experience.  The singing and music are quite enjoyable; I did not know that Chico could actually play the piano.  The movie comes to a climax at opening night at the opera.  With the brothers' help, our young tenor gets his big break and the comedy that takes place during the actual singing of the opera is quite funny.

The movie is worth watching.  My advice would be to spread out your watching of the Marx Brothers and maybe the lines and antics will seem fresher and hopefully a bit funnier too.

By: Janice Chan

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