Flashback Films
And Then There Were None
By Margaret Blanc
Dec 1, 2003 - 6:53:00 PM

HOLLYWOOD—It has been a while since I watched a truly suspenseful movie. Perhaps that is why I so enjoyed this 1945 screen adaptaion of Agatha Christie's novel "Ten Little Indians."

Ten strangers are brought together to Indian Island by their less than hospitable host, U.N. Owen. One by one they are found dead, with each death corresponding to the lyrics of the nursery rhyme "Ten Little Indians." Staying in the only home on the island, and with no transportation off of it, they struggle to cohabitate with a murderer on the loose. 

Rene Clair's cast includes Academy Award-winning actors Barry Fitzgerald and Walter Huston. I highly recommend "And Then There Were None." Do yourself a favor and watch this movie when you are home alone. I had the good fortune to do so, and suggest you do the same.  

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